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tray, service medicine cup
basin, emesis urinal urinal container
bedpan, stackable sitis, bath disposable sharp container square
disposable sharp container round disposable sharp container round first aid box

eye cover

eye cover

plastic clips

eye cover

prop cover

eye cover


triangle graduates


sharp container

arrow Colors available according to customer requirement.
arrow PP = Polypropylene
arrow PS = Polystyrene
arrow HDPE = High Density Polyethylene

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    Carafes (Pitchers)
    Tray, Service
    Medicine Cup
    Basin, Emesis
    Urinal Container
    Bedpan, Stackable
    Sitz Bath
    Disposable Sharp Cont. (Sqr)
    Disposable Sharp Cont. 1 (Rnd)
    Disposable Sharp Cont. 2 (Rnd)
    First Aid Box
    Eye Cover
    Plastic Clips
    Prop Cover
  Sharp Container with wall Holder
Sharp Container Holder 
Triangular Graduates
   ►Wall Mounted Sharp Container    
   ► Vial with Caps
   ► Square Chimney Top
   ► Disposable Sharp Cont







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harmon medical products
harmon medical products