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disposable sharp container round 1


Durable, safe to use and easy to handle. Comes in three sizes.



Code No.




SC2 065


6.5 liter

2 SC2 130 Round 13 liter
2 SC2 210 Round 21 liter


Color Cs Pack

20 Ft. 10 Pallets

40 Ft. 18 Pallets

PP/HDPE - 40 pcs 4500 8100
PP/HDPE - 30 pcs 3500 6300
PP/HDPE - 20 pcs 2500 4500

how to use

arrow Colors available according to customer requirement.
arrow PP = Polypropylene
arrow PS = Polystyrene
arrow HDPE = High Density Polyethylene


    Carafes (Pitchers)
    Tray, Service
    Medicine Cup
    Basin, Emesis
    Urinal Container
    Bedpan, Stackable
    Sitz Bath
    Disposable Sharp Cont. (Sqr)
    Disposable Sharp Cont. 1 (Rnd)
    Disposable Sharp Cont. 2 (Rnd)
    First Aid Box
    Eye Cover
    Plastic Clips
    Prop Cover
Sharp Container with Wall Holder
Sharp Container Holder 
Triangular Graduates
   ►Wall Mounted Sharp Container   
   ► Vial with Caps   
Square Chimney Top

   ► Disposable Sharp Cont





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harmon medical products
harmon medical products